Many people are stuck.

They have an undiagnosable condition.  Or they have a label but have been unable to get well.  Or they have a "dead end" label which means nothing more can be done.  And many are not able to find a physician who is trained in what I have learned over the years.

Sometimes reading health books and attending health webinars are simply not enough to get the answers they need to solve their personal health dilemma.

These people may benefit from a personal 1-on-1 consultation with Linnette M. Beck AP, DOM to explore what diagnostic and treatment options may exist that they or their physicians are not aware of. 

For this reason, we offer prepaid, scheduled phone consultations with Linnette M. Beck AP, DOM. 

If you wish to send copies of your medical records and/or also have your doctor on-the-line, this can be helpful as well.  Medical information must be received by us at least one week prior to the consult.  They should be copies and not be originals as they are not returnable.  Records that we receive from other physicians become our records and we are not responsible for making copies of them in the future or returning them.  Therefore, we suggest that you have all your records sent to you, make copies for your peronsal file, and send a copy to us.  In that way, you will be aware of your medical care, have a back-up from which to make copies in the future, and know that we have received a copy of your records.


Do not send records without first having secured a scheduled appointment time because records received without an appointment on the books are discarded.

Remember that the purpose of non-patient phone consultations is to brainstorm as we go over your records and talk together.  If your symptoms are many and your records are large/complex, you might decide to schedule a two (2) hour consultation.  Remember, you are NOT our patient since you have not set foot in our clinic and we have had an opportunity to examine you.  Our staff can NOT answer your medical questions but you can schedule further consultations. 

Because you do not come to the office and been examined, you are NOT considered a patient (although you may elect to become one later).  In spite of that, you can learn what tests your physician could order and what plans you could follow.  If he needs help in interpreting the tests, a scheduled follow-up consultation can allow you to explore treatment options with specific nutrient and other treatment suggestions.

The point is this:  You do NOT have to be alone without guidance in your quest for wellness.  And you owe it to yourself to explore the options that you might otherwise never even have heard of.

The "Non-Patient 1-on-1 Educational Consult" is scheduled for any amount of time (15 minute increments), charged to your creditcard 48 hours prior to the consult at the rate of $155/hour.

Remember: This consultation does NOT mean you are a patient and therefore you will receive no diagnosis or recommended treatment.  But, like reading a book, you may learn vital information that may help you on your road back to health.

We look forward to helping you find the possible cause of your symptoms and learning how you might correct them.  It is an exciting era in medicine where now we have more tools with which to find many causes that were before considered impossible.

If you are interested in scheduling a "Non-Patient 1-on-1 Educational Consultation and on " with Linnette M. Beck AP, DOM, first call 321-259-9089 and schedule an appointment.

Once your appointment is approved and on the schedule, fill out the following forms and return them to us making sure we have them minimum of one week prior to appointment.  You'll get the password to these forms once your appointment has been approved/scheduled.

Click here for Non-Patient Forms



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